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Kristiana de Leon

Dozens of local leaders are standing together to support Councilmember Kristiana de Leon!

Photo of My-Linh Thai

My-Linh Thai

state rep - ld 41

Photo of David Hackney

David Hackney

State Rep - ld 11

Photo of Hamdi Mohamed

Hamdi Mohamed

seattle-king county port commissioner

Photo of <p>Karen Howe</p>

Karen Howe

Sammamish councilmember

Photo of <p>Ed Prince</p>

Ed Prince

Renton Councilmember

Photo of <p>Ryan McIrvin</p>

Ryan McIrvin

Renton councilmember

Photo of <p>Lynne Robinson</p>

Lynne Robinson

bellevue mayor

Photo of <p>Jenne Alderks</p>

Jenne Alderks

Bothell Councilmember

Photo of <p>Jessica Forsythe</p>

Jessica Forsythe

Redmond councilmember

Photo of <p>Robin Vasquez</p>

Robin Vasquez

Lacey councilmember

Photo of <p>Charles Adkins</p>

Charles Adkins

Everett school board director

Photo of <p>Scott Mason</p>

Scott Mason

Enumclaw School Board Director

Photo of <p>Han Tran</p>

Han Tran

Northshore school board director

Photo of <p>Mark Stuart</p>

Mark Stuart

Lake Washington School board director

Photo of <p>James Farrell</p>

James Farrell

Mountain view fire commissioner

Photo of <p>Corina Pfeil</p>

Corina Pfeil

kenmore city council (retired)

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Photo of Endorser

"I'm excited to endorse Kristiana de Leon for the Washington State House of Representatives! Her passionate commitment to community and focus on the challenges rural areas face in education, healthcare, and climate solutions is much needed. I believe she'll bring a vital perspective to Olympia, advocating for the concerns of smaller communities. Kristiana is the ideal candidate to represent LD 5, and I'm confident she'll be a tireless advocate for everyone's needs at the state level."

State rep. my-linh thai

Endorsements (Full List)

  • My-Linh Thai, State Rep LD-41

  • David Hackney, State Rep LD-11

  • Hamdi Mohamed, Seattle-King County Port Commissioner

  • Karen Howe, Sammamish City Council

  • Ed Prince, Renton City Council

  • Ryan McIrvin, Renton City Council

  • Jenne Alderks, Bothell City Council

  • Jessice Forsythe, Redmond City Council

  • Robin Vasquez, Lacey City Council

  • Charles Adkins, Everett School Director

  • Scott Mason, Enumclaw School Director

  • Han Tran, Northshore School Director

  • Mark Stuart, Lake Washington School Director

  • James Farrell, Mountain View Fire Commissioner

  • Melynda O'Brien, Enumclaw School Director (ret)

  • Bernie O'Donnell, Black Diamond City Council (ret)

  • Corina Pfeil, Kenmore City Council (ret)

  • Don Mason, Community Leader

  • Hemant Mehta, Host of Friendly Atheist Pod

  • Tanya Lavoy, Community Leader